Chunky necklaces here to stay.. ?

Bauble this, bauble that…. but are statement necklaces here to stay? When thinking about what to post to the blog tonight… I thought to myself, what new trends will come as summer makes it exit? But “scratch that” i thought… rather, it’s sometimes more important to think about what trends are leaving, than it is to stress about what is to come. Why, you ask? Well, i think it’s mostly important to know what is “recyclable” for the next season, and for the season after. It’s important, because it helps us as shoppers know what summer sales to hit up in August, and what to buy- and what not to buy.

Now, from my “fashion radar”… i find that statement necklaces have been around for a good 2-2.5 years… and sometimes, that longevity makes me worry. Sensing a fade out? Are we just totally bauble-d out? And no offense to Bauble Bar… because my internet search only knows how obsessed I am with that place, but don’t you think its become overexposed? And trust me… i’ve just found myself to be fully stocked up on statement necklaces, so it’d be sad to see them go. And i say “sad”, both for aesthetic purposes, but also that means having to invest in a whole new collection of jewelry… AND, that ain’t cheap giiirlfrieeend. Oy. this is run on sentences-galore. But i don’t know what to think… So here is a blog post for you to comment on and let me know what YOU think!

In the meantime…









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A serious show stopper.

Stella McCartney baby. Rihanna did it for me, and although she didn’t quite follow the “Charles James” couturier theme.. she looked absolutely stunning. And for that, she is my numero uno. Who was your “best” dressed for the 2014 Met Gala event?



[photo courtesy of: celebuzz]