Gearing up for the Emmy’s!

Did someone say Emmy’s… or better yet, did someone say red carpet show….!!? Oh, yes! The Emmy’s are right around the corner, and in honor of that, let’s reflect on some of our favorite looks from last year’s show! Ahhh, how I love the red carpet…

>> Claire Danes in Armani Prive <<

This color is just so milky, and perfect with her skin tone. Delicate lace trim detailing, sheer accents, mermaid-esque sequins… and to top it off with a bold orange-y red lip… PERFECT! Well done Claire!


>> Kaley Cuoco in Vera Wang <<

The color, the fit… the bangles. I love everything about this!


>> Kerry Washington in Marchesa <<

This color is perfection. I am so glad that Kerry kept her hair simple here, as it really allows us to appreciate the beauty of the dress itself.





>> Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren <<

Simple, understated, clean lines… and I love everything about it!


>> Taylor Schilling in Thakoon <<

This is a hard silhouette to pull off… and I’m referring to the straps, not many can pull it off, but Taylor does it beautifully. I love the clutch, and the gold pop from the shoes.

Can’t wait for this year’s Emmy’s… follow me on Twitter, so you can live tweet with me during the red carpet event + show! 


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Beanie Chick

In case y’ didn’t know… it’s August… and naturally, it’s around this time of the summer that my mind goes into fall fashion mode. Gahhh — Im really trying to not be SO negative about the summer being over, but it’s QUITE difficult. Dear summer, I love you, and please never leave.

One thing that I’d like to put emphasis on in my personal style this fall, is being more open to wearing hats. I have always hated to wear hats. AALLWWAAYYSS. I’m not really sure what it is. Perhaps, it’s because my mom at a young age forced me to wear hats, so that I wouldn’t “catch a cold”. And man oh man, were those hats horrifically ugly. Oh and another thing… as a young kid, I always felt embarrassed by my overly sized head. And if anyone else out there knows what I’m talking about… big heads and hats don’t really mix.

Anyways… back to the whole purpose of this blog post. I am making an effort to wear hats this season. And… I think that by starting with beanies might be the best solution.

I went to Forever 21 yesterday with a gal pal, and bought a gray beanie. It’s a good start… but I’d like something more on the slouchy side. SO… I’ve started to investigate the beanie trend… and here are some looks that inspired me…



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Chunky necklaces here to stay.. ?

Bauble this, bauble that…. but are statement necklaces here to stay? When thinking about what to post to the blog tonight… I thought to myself, what new trends will come as summer makes it exit? But “scratch that” i thought… rather, it’s sometimes more important to think about what trends are leaving, than it is to stress about what is to come. Why, you ask? Well, i think it’s mostly important to know what is “recyclable” for the next season, and for the season after. It’s important, because it helps us as shoppers know what summer sales to hit up in August, and what to buy- and what not to buy.

Now, from my “fashion radar”… i find that statement necklaces have been around for a good 2-2.5 years… and sometimes, that longevity makes me worry. Sensing a fade out? Are we just totally bauble-d out? And no offense to Bauble Bar… because my internet search only knows how obsessed I am with that place, but don’t you think its become overexposed? And trust me… i’ve just found myself to be fully stocked up on statement necklaces, so it’d be sad to see them go. And i say “sad”, both for aesthetic purposes, but also that means having to invest in a whole new collection of jewelry… AND, that ain’t cheap giiirlfrieeend. Oy. this is run on sentences-galore. But i don’t know what to think… So here is a blog post for you to comment on and let me know what YOU think!

In the meantime…









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